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Real innovation in the production of models
628 DaZhong 2nd Road
ZuoYing district
Kaohsiung 813, Taiwan (ROC).
ph: +886928696159
email:  sales@haskellco.net
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How to order from us?

The ideal way to contact us is via email. In English please use via naguoning@hotmail.com   or    sales@haskellco.net

Our company has sent products to many countries around the world. To order from us we suggest you tell us what product(s)
you wish to order and the address they are to be sent to. For customs forms we also often preferably need a phone number to
but we will respond by email rather than phone calls.

We can accept payment via bank transfer (T/T), Paypal, credit cards via Paypal and Western Union. DO NOT EMAIL US
YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS! If you wish to pay by credit card we will email a Paypal invoice and you can pay using that so
that you never need to supply your card details directly to us.

When you have told us what you are interested in ordering and to what country we will email you with the price including
shipping charges if any (depending what and where to we may offer you free shipping on orders of more than NT$4000 or
US$125 or equivalent. Within Taiwan we will ship free for the products shown on this site but Taiwan sales tax may need to be
added. Shipping from Taiwan is generally quite reliable and fast and compared with many other developed countries not too