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WAGR/Westrail L class.
This is our first Western Australian engine. It will be HO scale, 16.5mm gauge. It is expected to be released in the final quarter of 2015.
It has all the normal features such as dual flywheels, DCC ready (8 pin) directional lighting, dieast chassis, Kadee couplers etc. We believe that our
timetable for release is quite realistic unlike some Australian brands (note that our last 3 plastic engines: the NA, the 1550 and the 2400 were all released
within 6 months of being announced). No deposits are being taken and we will not ask for payment until engines are in production, but we welcome
expressions of interest and will contact all potential purchasers once the models are in production. Except for the special price engine number 268, all other
models will be priced at

Although at the time of showing these photos painted and modified samples have not been completed we are VERY happy with the running of this model.
It is without a doubt the first sample with the best running qualities of all the engines we have produced to date.

It will be available in a number of liveries/versions:
WAGR Original livery blue/white. Engine numbers: L254, L255, L263.
WAGR 2nd livery blue and blue. Engine numbers: L258, L262, L265.
Westrail orange with blue stripe and white lining. Engine numbers: L252, L253, L259, L261.
supplied with multiple parts and engine numbers.
Westrail experimental blue, engine number 268.
Price A$268 units until sold out!

Photographs here are of the first running sample. It will be modified in a number of ways (eg handrails need several changes).