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News and developments

This is our first English language web site for some time. We will gradually update it but some of the things we are working on now will still
take quite some time before being publicly released.

We have just announced a WAGR/Westrail L class in HO scale. We hope to have this ready in the third quarter this year.

The Queensland Railways 1550 class diesel was released in January this year and in May we released the 2400 class diesel. Both models
are available in HOn3.5 (12mm gauge) and 16.5mm HO gauge.

The NA (Puffing Billy) 0n30 model is now available in all versions. We hope to release some rolling stock to go with it during 2015.

We also hope to release some more Australian 0 gauge models in 2015. All ready to run.

For Taiwan HO models we are looking at developing a new engine and then new coaches that should be similar in price
to the R100, R20/50 models.

More information will be posted here as the products are near to completion..