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HO scale models!
Taiwan HO scale models

R20 Orange with 3 Fuxing coaches set.

CT270 steam locomotive. Sorry, now
sold out!

These pictures are retained to show you some of our past work. This engine was
made from a mix of plastic and die-cast parts. It was our first steam engine model.

Chinese langauge books.
The owner of this company wrote the first Chinese langauge book ever printed
about model railways. The first was aimed at the Taiwan market and was printed
in complex Chinese characters. It is now sold out.

The second Chinese langauge book about model railways by the same authors
was a simplified Chinese characters (as used in Singapore and mainland China)
book. It is still available. The price is Australian $30 including postage anywhere
except Taiwan, HK, Macau and Mainland China. It is already available from shops
in HK, mainland China and from us in Taiwan on our Chinese site.