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About us

We are produce models (mostly model trains) for sale in Taiwan and other countries, particularly Australia. We are the Taiwan
distributors for several bands of models and we make some products for export to Australia under our own brand. We are also
involved in the production of models in China for other companies from Western countries.

The ideal way to contact us is via email. In English please use via
naguoning@hotmail.com   or    sales@haskellco.net

Our company has been in business since 2001. We started with importing Bachmann models to Taiwan. Later our first model
made specifically for Taiwan was the HO R100 done in conjunction with Frateschi. The first export only product was the brass
0 scale DERM made for Australia.

We are based in Taiwan. Near to mainland China making checking of production there easier but without the hassles of
frequently blocked internet and China's bureaucracy. The owner of the company is originally from Australia, but has spent many
years in Asia and speaks Chinese and English fluently allowing us to effectively produce and sell our products with quality and
cost controls that we can only achieve by being in Asia but at the same time can provide native level English language
communication. We can read simplified and complex Chinese.

We have worked on the production of models and books for export from China or Taiwan with companies in Europe, Brazil,
Australia, Japan, Taiwan and for importing into China from other countries. The first books about model railways in both
simplified and complex Chinese were both written by the owner of this company.

We are able to work with western companies to provide cost effective production of models in Asia. We have already done
translation and guidance work in China for people from companies from 4 different continents. Please contact us via email if
you need help with this.
Sorry, but we are unable to accept work for Australia at the moment as we are already too involved with other projects there.

We also produce products for sale in Australia and Taiwan under our own brand. These are shown on this and other pages on
this web site.

The container above is an example of a product we helped sort the quality for. It was made for a global shipping company
based on their containers. They  originally found a supplier but without specialized knowledge and QC they were unable to
obtain a product with adequate quality control until we worked on the project.

If you wish to order from us please email us with your details and what you want to order! We can send a Paypal invoice for
credit card payment or accept bank transfer or Western Union money transfer.
A container model (1/48 scale) that we were involved in the sourcing and
quality control of for a European company. We can do more than just
Australian 0 gauge Y class brass models when awaiting inspection at the factory.