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0n30 "Puffing Billy" (VR NA).

The first deliveries of this model were made in January 2014. All  The next and final batch of the first production run is finished and  
orders are welcome now! Delivery of all models other than black started in January 2014, green in late March. See below to see
pictures of all versions! All versions are currently available.

Although we have produced HO scale and 0 scale models for many years this is the first model in 0n30 (also known in the UK as 0-16.5
and in Europe as 0e). This model is 1/48 scale and is fully compatible with most American 0n30 models. The minimum curve radius for
operation is 18 inch. Kadee couplers will be fitted. This model is to 1/48 scale and will only be produced for 16.5mm gauge track (ie
HO gauge). The coupler height is as per most HO and 0n30 models.

Five versions are being produced:

Apple green (product code NAGR).

Canadian red (product code NACR).

Black with modern smoke stack like 8A (product code: NABM).

Black with original smoke stack (NABE).

Black with red handrails and buffer beams etc (product code: NARB).

The price is Australian $449 with shipping anywhere. All versions are the same price. The model is DCC ready (8 pin), has a flywheel,
many die-cast parts and metal handrails as well as etched brass numbers for all NA locomotives that are still in existence. The real VR
NA class was a Baldwin design that was exported from the USA to Australia. Thus some other engines elsewhere in the world had
similarities in appearance to this engine.

The model includes real coal for the bunker in scale size pieces and brass etched number and build plates. The background of these
are correctly coloured in blue for red engines, red for green engines and black for black engines.

To order a model please email us! You can email
naguoning@hotmail.com or sales@haskellco.net We can accept payment via credit
card through Paypal, bank T/T or Western Union money transfer.

Please click on pictures below to see a larger version.