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Links to other sites

Companies that we have a business connection to:

Haskell Co's Chinese language web site

Berg's Hobbies (Sydney) One of the oldest shops in Australia for model
trains. We have worked with Berg's on the 44/930 and plan to continue on
other projects

Brunel Hobbies (Melbourne) Melbourne seller of Haskell 0n30 models and

Narrow Gauge Trains (England) UK seller of Haskell 0n30 models.

Frateschi (Brazil)  Brazilian manufacturer which has worked with us for many
years. The largest in models from South America.

0 Aust kits Worked with Haskell Co on 44 and 930 class models. Also  
supplies Australian 0 scale kits that work well with the DERM and Y class

Aurora Trains  Hobby shop in Brisbane Australia with Haskell 0n30 models
and QR models made with Wuiske Models.

Hobbyland: Hobby shop in Sydney with Haskell 0n30 models and

Orient Express (Adelaide) Hobby shop in South Australia.

The Peterboro Railroad: USA stockist of our 0n30 engines.

Wuiske Models. Works with Haskell Co to produce and sell Queensland
ready to run models and backdrops. Also produce Queensland kits.

Companies that we have no business
connection to but may be of interest:

Ixion Models

Precision Scale Models (High end Australian brass models)

On track models (Australian HO).

Veteran Models Supplier of Victorian 0 gauge kits (work well with Haskell
DERM and Y class models).